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Inverter Microwave Ovens – The Technology That Makes Microwave The Way To Cook!

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Panasonic are one of the worlds leading manufacturers and distributors of microwave ovens and have come up with the latest in microwave oven technology by introducing a range of microwaves with inverter technology. The inverter circuit boards replace the old transformer and capacitor style microwaves, making the microwaves more efficient. The inverters improve the efficiency of the microwaves by making the reheating and cooking food much faster.

The greatest benefit with inverter microwaves over conventional microwaves is that when the power level is dropped the power, in an inverter microwave oven, remains constant. Conventional microwaves when not cooking on full power pulse, which means the power turns on and off, often leading to uneven cooking and cold spots.

Inverter microwave technology is designed to cook evenly, which will improve the texture and flavor of food and produce less shrinkage and no cold spots, even if reheating the food. Overall … Read More