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3D Animation Industry – Discover the Latest Trends and Technology in the Animation Industry

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Here is a term that has not been heard of too often, Phenadistoscope. If you are familiar with it then you might be giving away your age. Actually, this was the technique used to give the animation effects. It was a matter of simple drawings that were made to move simultaneously.

We do the same thing today but with much, more advanced methods. The general concept is still there it is the way that results are achieved that is so dramatically different. The techniques of phenadistoscope became extinct by the end of the 21st century when a more exciting and innovative way to get the job done surfaced. If you have not guessed what that is, then it is the computer. Naturally, these dynamic pieces of technology are just never ending in what they can do.

What happened now in the world of animation was that the drawings could … Read More