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Latest Technology NewsEvaluate Weigh the pros and cons of technologies, products and projects you might be contemplating. NASA’s TESS spacecraft blasts off on the SpaceX Falcon rocket on a quest to seek out new worlds round neighbouring stars that could support life. Robert Scoble , Rackspace’s Futurist, research technology and its implementation by corporations and innovators. A lot has occurred in the cloud market over the past six months. New instruments and partnerships dominated the headlines – but how a lot do you bear in mind? Discover out with this quiz.

The technician switched on Darren Haymes’ new NBN service, walked out the door and instantly his household could not get onto the internet for six weeks. After four months of issues, he was put again onto his previous Telstra cable internet. There are 5 customizable packages to choose from ranging from $240 to $840, with no monthly charges. Read on for … Read More