5 Best Celebrity Look-Alike Services

Definitely, every person in the world is truly special and phenomenal. Still, almost everyone has a doppelganger or a double to some degree – a person having identical facial features. Wondering who your twin is among well-known persons? These days it’s possible to answer that question by taking advantage of cutting-edge celebs lookalike solutions.

Today we shall review the Top-5 online applications to find your celebrity counterpart.


develop a celebrity look-alike application

The given celebs lookalike software is definitely worth your attention since it’s considered to be one of the greatest services of this kind. Gradient is designed to show its users what world-famous persons they look like.

The mentioned Ukrainian app was launched a few years back. At the outset, it couldn’t boast of advanced features, thus, its owners never stopped developing and upgrading their brainchild. At some point, developers have implemented sophisticated AI-powered parameters able to assess pictures of users to find their famous twins.

Since then, the demand for that platform has gone through the roof.

For the record, certain celebrities have made their own contribution to ensure greater demand for Gradient. They were taking advantage of the solution in question to share the matching results via social networks. Consequently, the ratings of AppStore & GooglePlay have put the given program in the first place.

Let’s discuss how such an application operates. This aspect is particularly interesting, in case you’re planning to develop a celebrity look-alike application. The key point here is that Gradient applies for AI tools to achieve the most accurate similarity results.

Those artificial intelligence mechanisms carefully examine images of the audience, and check the database of Gradient in order to define a well-known personality having the greatest similarities. And, the last step is to transform that user into a celebrity determined.

Ordinarily, this resource delivers quite outstanding results, still, in some instances, it might look like the mentioned framework has a great sense of humor to entertain the audience.

Anyhow, people like Gradient and see it as one of the finest celebs lookalike online systems. Individuals enjoy the process of turning into world-famous personas and sharing the results on social media.

Gradient’s basic functionality is free, and the software offers advanced features available for the subscribed audience.


develop a celebrity look-alike application

The solution in question is fantastically user friendly, that’s one of the reasons people love it. Here are simple step-by-step instructions to enjoy Looky:

  1. Open the program;
  2. Take a selfie (or upload a photo from the cellphone gallery);
  3. Wait for the results of searching;
  4. Try one more time, in case you’re not satisfied with the options found (the second attempt might provide a more accurate selection);
  5. Share the results you like through social media.

It’s not rocket science, do you agree?

Such simplicity has significantly contributed to Looky’s success. However, it also has a couple of downsides to be aware of, specifically:

  • you can enjoy the given application for free only the first 24 hours (then, you have to subscribe, or leave it);
  • occasionally, the provided results aren’t as accurate as desired;
  • in the opinion of most users, Looky has too many advertisements.

Celeb Twin

celeb twin

Another decent look alike online service is primarily made for iOS clients. That app proudly delivers great and useful possibilities. We’d like to enumerate the most critical ones:

  • every user gets the whole 3 famous persons he or she looks like;
  • the audience is able to specify their sex to avoid possibly embarrassing situations when, let’s say, the platform provides three well-known female doubles to a male user;
  • the embedded instruments allow locate and recognize faces automatically;
  • there’s the possibility to manually locate eyes;
  • users are free to share search results with their families and friends.

Who Do I Look Like

who i do look like

We cannot but mention this extraordinary celebrity look-alike resource. If you’re wondering whether you look similar to your favorite actor or actress, that framework is at your service to test your theory. Who Do I Look Like is to analyze a picture provided by the user, explore the key features (say, hair color, nose shape, eye color, etc.) to issue its final decision.

Among its fundamental parameters you shall find the following:

  • accurate face recognition and correct matching;
  • Amazon’s machine learning mechanisms (ensuring great recognition preciseness);
  • an impressive database of over 1.000 celebs;
  • possibility to share the results on FB;
  • cost-free access to advanced functionalities;
  • absence of quiz & questions;
  • categorizing all famous personalities into particular groups for the easiness of finding adequate similarities;
  • celebrity generator;
  • continuous upgrading of the features and parameters of the system in question.


star by face

Last but not least, this software undoubtedly deserves to be mentioned in the top five of greatest celebs look alike online services. Its holders have decided to come up with such an expressive name to convey the essence of their creation right away.

StarByFace principle of operation:

  1. A user is uploading an image via the app or site. The option of adding a photo by URL is applicable as well. It has to be a full-face picture looking clearly, or the platform might not manage to provide the correct doppelganger, so a person won’t like the result offered.
  2. An uploaded image is getting analyzed, key facial features are being examined, and the received data will be processed.
  3. The final comparison is taking place to deliver a user the most precise matching results.
  4. The matches StarByFace delivers could be published on social media, if users so wish.

twin face

In case you’re planning to build your own program of such a kind, the examples above will show you the right direction. Speaking of the revenue sources, we’d recommend you consider the application of in-app advertising, additional paid parameters, as well as a subscription. Believe us, new excellent frameworks will be welcomed very warmly in this market segment.