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Bible Truth: Tips to Read the Bible on Your Own


Believers know how important reading the Bible is, yet some of us do not read this book like we should. It’s okay, we are speaking honestly here, and I won’t tell anyone. The following are a few tips that will help you get into the Word and not dread this vital part of your spiritual life.

Try an Updated Version

Sometimes, it is hard to really get into the Word because of the language. The language of certain translations can make reading difficult, which could encourage people to not read as much. Personally, I had a hard time understanding a sentence in certain translations, and this made it hard for me to read because I knew I was going to have a headache at the end of it. What you want to do is try updated versions of the Bible so that you can interpret what is written in the Bible.

Be Uninhibited with God

It can be hard to get into the Bible when you feel inhibited. Let me explain my experience. Sometimes, I repressed the thoughts that came in my mind while reading the Bible. I thought God wouldn’t want to hear my thoughts or how they related to what I read. This happened often as I was reading, and it made it hard for me to read the Word diligently. I stopped worrying about all that, and now I have regular discussions with the Lord about anything that pops in mind while reading the Bible. Don’t be afraid to talk to God while reading the Bible; he will give you understanding and help guide you as you read.

Read the Bible Like a Story

One problem that many people seem to have when it comes to the Bible is they just do not understand how one part connects to another. This could happen for a few reasons. One reason was mentioned earlier, but another reason this happens is that you are reading the Bible out of order. I was reading this and realized that we should read the Bible chronologically like any other story. Yes, the Bible is the living Word, and you can always enrich your spirit reading any part of the book, but reading correctly can help you understand the book as a whole. I read the books randomly, but now I realize that a teacher might do this because it serves a purpose in the lesson.

Of course, these are just some of the things you can do to make reading your Bible a little easier, but there are many other things you can consider if some of these ideas do not work. Some people might do better reading in groups, which takes off some of a load of reading the Bible on your own. You can also consider using applications that let you follow audio of the Word instead of reading it. Hopefully, some of these ideas make it easier for you to read the Bible every day as the Lord desires.