Choosing the Correct Infrastructure for Your Reseller Hosting Business

Reseller hosting business came into vogue around 10 years back when the price of hiring a dedicated physical server was soaring. Since the business does not require much of the technical expertise, as most of the support and technicalities are handled by the provider, it could be a profitable business if done correctly.

What is Reseller Hosting Business?

Reseller web hosting is a business model where one purchases disk space and bandwidth on a physical server from a hosting provider and then resells it to potential buyers with a margin. You host third party websites on your allotted space on the server. But first, you need to choose the correct host provider who could meet all your business goals. Selecting one from the many companies can be a daunting task if one doesn’t understand the infrastructure technicalities.

Infrastructures required for a successful reselling business

1. Hardware capabilities

The server forms the fundamental brick and can make or break your business. Do some market research to find out about the services provided by the company. It should include features such as:

  • Reliable Uptime- Choose a provider which provides an uptime score of at least 99.5 %. You don’t want your client to complain about downtime all the time.
  • Good backup – Customers would prefer a host with good backup facility. Backing up all the data periodically could save you from distress at the time of distress.
  • Efficient cooling- Make sure the server room of the provider has an efficient cooling system installed. This could protect the server from malfunctioning.
  • Space and bandwidth- Be sure to purchase disk space and bandwidth as per your business goals. Many companies do claim to provide unlimited bandwidth but start charging for data exceeding a certain threshold.
  • Technical support- you would be required to provide 24/7 technical support to your clients. Choose a provider which provides a variety of options for customer support such as e-mail, phone and live chat options.

2. Platform capabilities

The two most common platforms provided by a web hosting provider are Linux-based OS and Windows-based OS.

Linux is a Unix based open-source operating system which provides a cost-effective solution for your hosting needs. It provides a high level of security and reliability and is the preferred option for website developers. It offers a huge range of software to choose from and gives you more control over their administration.

On the other hand, Windows OS based hosting being a commercial platform is a bit pricey but a secured platform. The user interface is much simpler and requires no technical knowledge to manage the control panel.

3. Ability to upgrade with time

With the rapid change in technology, one who would be successful is the one who adapts to the change quickly. The ability to factor in e-commerce feature and secure payments would be highly in demand.

4. Cost Calculation

One should factor in all the expense factors before zeroing on one plan.

A reselling business has a lot of prospects if done right. Choose a web hosting reseller company with good reviews and social media presence. Avoid a company which is relatively new in the market. This could save you from frustration in the future.