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Data Loss and Recovery Solutions

Data Recovery is the process of restoring data from a corrupted, corrupt, failed, or inaccessible state to a normal starting condition. The data returned can be from hard disk, flash disk or you can visit this site

Recovery activities due to physical damage from storage devices/software that allows the file system where the data is stored cannot be known because it is not well mounted by the operating system. The most common cause of data loss is a logical failure, that is, when the operating system fails to recognize the file system, either disk, partition or because of its faulty operating system.

Cases that are also a common cause of data loss are accidental deletion of files from the hard disk and from the recycle bin. The purpose of data recovery is to restore the lost file and then move it to a safe place by copying it using Then the process of the recovery of data can be followed up by repartitioning the hard disk and move the valuable data to another place continuously.

Especially separated from where the operating system resides. The second type of damage is a failure at the disk level. For example inconsistent file systems, corrupted partitions or damaged hard disks. This type of the second type of damage allows data to be difficult to read. With varying degrees of damage, solutions to data recovery can vary, from starting to repair the file system, partition, MBR (master boot record), or recovery from the hardware side. If the damaged is the hardware then the repair should be used by those who are competent and use special equipment.

Backup is copying data so it does not go away. The function itself is when our computer crashes, we still have a copy or a copy of the data we have Backup. So we do not have to worry about losing our data. While Recovery is to restore data or system from the damaged condition as originally because of the computer crash.