What Is Technological Convergence?

What Is TechnologyWhere we have now recognized any third celebration copyright data you will want to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. First, think about an excellent-clever alien attempting to grasp a working pc busy printing out my Dictionary of Psychology on a laser printer. By merely investigating the physical mechanism of the pc and the printer, it will by no means perceive what the computer was actually doing; or not less than its clarification would lack what’s most vital and interesting about the computer’s behaviour.

Extra radical change comes when firms stitch together pieces of external intelligence and create new business models with them. Recently I visited a fintech (monetary technology) firm in China, which had developed a telephone app for borrowing cash on the fly while purchasing. The app senses your voice and passes it to online algorithms for identification recognition; different algorithms fan out and query your financial institution accounts, credit score history, and social-media profile; further intelligent algorithms weigh all these and an acceptable credit offer seems on your phone. All inside seconds. This isn’t fairly the adoption of exterior intelligence; it is the combining of sense-making algorithms, knowledge-lookup algorithms, and natural-language algorithms to meet a activity once carried out by humans.

But it surely’s doable that ICT and other new technologies aren’t simply doing much less to boost productiveness than past innovations; they may even have some negative unwanted side effects that undermine productivity and GDP progress. One need not be a modern-day Luddite to acknowledge the potential productiveness pitfalls of technological innovation.

Obtain e-mails from Accenture featuring new content material that matches your interests. Bunge, M. (1966) Technology as applied science. Technology and Culture 7: 329-347. And these are simply the downsides of knowledge technology. Different technological innovations with major apparent drawbacks include opiate painkillers and more and more superior weaponry.

Companies can use the brand new opportunities in different ways Some giant tech firms can instantly create externally intelligent techniques akin to autonomous air-traffic control or superior medical diagnostics. Others can construct proprietary databases and extract intelligent conduct from them. But the advantages of being massive or early out there are restricted. The parts of external intelligence can’t easily be owned, they tend to slip into the general public domain. And information cannot simply be owned both, it may be garnered from nonproprietary sources.