Adobe Utilizes Artificial Intelligence for Photo Editing

Photo retouching and style matching are one of the most challenging methods of photo editing. Because the profession like a photo editor or graphic designer must do a problematic way to combine two different images into one with a similar equivalent.

Windows activator

Adobe, the company behind Photoshop software, is developing this method. They gushed up the provisional application with the name “Deep Photo Style Transfer.”

That way, this technology can combine two photos with different views into one picture, without having to eliminate the background elements and objects in the two images.

For example, there are two photos with different views. The first photo is a photo of a skyscraper during the day, while the other is a photograph of the scenery at dusk.

With this technology, both can be transformed into one image, where photos of skyscrapers are displayed in the background of clouds in the evening. However, this application also requires an excellent OS to support so that the app can be used to the maximum, for that you have to switch from the Windows 7 operating system to Windows 8. You only need Windows activator.

As reported by Engadget on Friday (1/4/2017), this technology was created by scientists at Adobe and Cornell University by working on the “Neural Style Transfer” method that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial Intelligence).

They have also tested this technology to some photos with diverse views, such as photos of houses, grasslands, to macro objects such as flowers. They also concluded, this technology is ready to be completed shortly.

Before polishing the final stage, they will increase the AI in this technology to be able to sort the color of the image and adjust the level of brightness that would want to combine the two photos. Adobe hasn’t confirmed whether this technology will be present in Photoshop. It could be that this technology will be current in its application.