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Is Your Data Safe if Stored on Cloud?


Everyone must have important data and privacy of each application master eg, documents, photos or other important data. In order not to disappear, usually people back up using external hard disk or other storage media. Right now the technology of storing data has entered a new era of using online storage or called Cloud Storage. Cloud Storage technology is one of web apps which is more flexible because we as users do not need physical media anymore to store data. All data will be stored in Cloud Storage services provider. So in addition to more flexible, whenever you need the data, you can access it anywhere and anytime you just need an internet connection.

Is Your Data Safe if Stored on Cloud? Well, there are many people who are thinking about this. Let’s examine one by one about these concerns. We should consider the following:

1. Make Sure Your Cloud Service Company Already Has a Security Certification

Make sure the cloud service provider company already has ISO 27001 and has an SLA to ensure the confidentiality of your data. If the cloud service provider company has warranted this, you’re definitely safe. This is because if the cloud service provider has a customer whose data is leaked and violates the SLA, their service license will be revoked and will be processed by law. The company also already has a reputation in managing data cloud and trusted.

2. How Much Data Will You Store on Cloud

We must calculate and sort the data so that the data stored is not data that is not important, because it will raise your price when it will be stored in the cloud. Cloud service companies will charge how much of your data. The larger the data you store, the greater the cost.

3. Request Your Data to be Encrypted When Uploading and Downloading Your Data From The Cloud

How can we know whether it is encrypted or not while in the process of uploading / downloading our data from the cloud. Make sure that the apps provided by the cloud provide encryption services when connected to your computer, notebook, server or gadget. Note there is https:// next to the url in your browser.

4. Request Your Data to be Encrypted When Stored in The Cloud

You should review the cloud provider about the terms and conditions of the service. Generally, cloud providers do not encrypt your data and provide access to data according to the data owner. Then you should pay attention to your stored data containing information that other people may not know or not. This means that if you keep your confidential medical information, financial data, and data confirming that it will be encrypted while it is stored in the cloud and you should know how to decrypt your data back when taken from the cloud.

5. You Know How to Access Data in The Cloud

There are several cloud service companies that share your online folders in the cloud. Therefore, you must know in detail how to access them. You can find out who has changed last (read: edit, delete, write) and make changes to your data. If you create a group to manage data access, you need to know the details of who is in the group, whether you receive a notification when there is an access group that makes changes, and whether the service from your service keeps your files publicly stored. If you want to complete the data, access must be completed with name, account, email and so on.

6. You Understand and Know if Your Cloud Service is Hacked or Your Data is Lost

You must know the terms and conditions if any of the above before you use the cloud service provider service. But if the worst happens, certainly quickly recovered to normal conditions. This must be known before signing a cloud service contract.

Well if you have found the ideal cloud service for your needs and note the things I mentioned above then you should implement your internal policies that are applied every time you use cloud services, just like the policy as follows:

Use a Good Password

A good password has the complexity of a combination of lowercase, capital letters, numbers and symbols of at least 8 characters. Passwords should not be easy to guess like user names, company names or words that others can easily guess.

Do not use the same password again

Suppose you have email on yahoo, gmail, hotmail and even facebook and twitter with the same password with easy to remember reason. If hackers successfully hacked your facebook account password, then everything will be hacked by hackers. So try to have different keywords from your account password in public email and social media.

Do not Share Your Password to anyone

Though your close people can be trusted, but it’s not a good idea to share their password with anyone. Because all your important information is in the cloud service. So do not ever share your password with anyone.

Backup Your Data

Back up your data regularly. This needs to be done also in the cloud service. If the cloud service has a backup service it will be better, but it should be ascertained not in the same place as you store the data. You can also use third parties for backups, it becomes your choice which one is better and stronger. Well, hopefully everything I explain above is easier for you in deciding which cloud service you’ll choose. Hopefully this will make it easier for you later if you actually use the cloud service to store your data. The current policy is: “Before you decide to choose cloud storage service data, then fill in the things I described above and then see what happens.” Or maybe you can just click in native mobile.