Luminar (Skylum Software) vs Photoshop software comparison

We all love great pictures, as technology advances, many software are being developed to make photo editing easy and more creative. New tools are being introduced to make picture editing easier and also to give the software an edge over its counterpart. There are different editing software out there but there are some qualities that you need to look out for before buying the software these include:

  • Ability to edit filters
  • Easy to switch between edits
  • In-app picture taking
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Appealing and interactive

A good software editor should give you ease when using the application. We are going to compare Luminar picture editor and Photoshop.

Luminar Software

This software comes with a 7-day free trial and it is free to download. It has a one-off fee which is better compared to some others where you have to pay monthly for the use of the software. This software is available for both Mac and windows operating systems. It is editing software that delivers quality results in less time, it uses AI tools to make editing simpler and less stressful.

With Luminar there is no need to spend years learning how to use the tool. It has different inbuilt tools like:

  • AI Sky Replacement tool; this tool enables you to replace the sky of your picture thereby giving you the ability to change the mood and this is done within seconds.
  • AI Skin Enhancer and Portrait Enhancer; with this tool, you can get the perfect portrait for your picture instantly, you also get to enhance the skin to what you prefer.
  • AI Augmented Sky Tool; the software comes with built-in objects and pictures that you can insert in your pictures and they would still look real.
  • Sunray Tool; if you need the effect of sun rays in your picture, then this tool gives you that. It gives you a realistic sunbeam.
  • AI Structure Slider; this detects parts of your picture that needs some enhancement, enhances just that part to make it look richer without damaging faces and skin

There are other tools like the AI Accent tool, smart contrast tool, Erase tool and many others.

Photoshop software

Adobe Photoshop also known as Photoshop is a software designed to edit pictures, it is available for windows and Mac operating systems it also comes with a one-off payment. Photoshop comes with different tools for you to work with and these tools are

  • Move Tool; this allows you to move layers.
  • Artboard Tool; this allows you to design layouts for different screen sizes.
  • Crop Tool; this enables you to crop an image to your desired shape.
  • Slice tool; this is used to divide an image into smaller sections.
  • Eyedropper Tool; this is used to create a sample colour from an image.
  • Note Tool; this allows you to attach text to your picture.
  • Spot Healing Tool; if there is a spot on your image that needs to be removed, then you need this tool.
  • Red Eye Tool; the red eye is a common problem in pictures, and the Red Eye tool comes to the rescue.