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This is A Solution for Universal Windows Application

Microsoft began to convince developers that Universal Windows Platform or often abbreviated as UWP is a step that can be used to develop a modern PC software.

Through the Build 2016 event, Microsoft announced a new tool, the Desktop App Converter. Now the developers can easily overhaul their old applications into UWP applications using these tools.

By using the tools made by Microsoft, the developers can develop applications and games that can run faster so that the cost of performance is almost non-existent. In addition, with this tool, Microsoft also deploys more than 16 million inheritances from Win32 and .NET applications.

Thousands of developers have developed legacy software. And by using Desktop App Converter, converting from this software to UWP will be very easy. This shows that Microsoft has taken a big step toward its vision of making software-friendly software.

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Not only for desktop applications, can this development also lead to the creation of more applications for Windows Mobile and the compatibility of apps for Xbox as well.

Microsoft provides a simple reason why it should speed up the development of UWP applications. Microsoft mentioned that the reason is they want to make the entire application available only through the Windows Store.

However, applications are still sought after through web searches for now. Search applications through web browsers can adversely affect users, such as malware or viruses that come downloaded.

Therefore, Microsoft will keep its customers safe by making all apps only downloadable through Windows Store. In addition, users can enjoy lighter and faster applications that is the custom solution Microsoft provides to their customers.

In general, applications developed with UWP will be faster and lighter. In addition, UWP will make the application more powerful. That’s because Desktop App Converter comes with access to many modern APIs owned by Microsoft.

In addition to Desktop App Converter, Microsoft also discusses tools that can be used to build universal applications. Today, Microsoft has upgraded Windows as a developer platform for all types of devices with its acquisition of Xamarin, building Xbox One into one of the developer kits, and embedding Unix Bash Shell natively into Windows.