What Kind of Fan is good for Your Space?

Choosing a fan is not an easy task because there are so many kinds of fans available and you need different kinds of fans in the different room of your house.

The right fan depends on several factors such as

  1. Size of the room.
  2. What that room is designed for
  3. Location of the fan
  4. Does the room have windows or not
  5. If the room can accommodate noise

Let’s see how these factors affect your choice when it comes to different kinds of room


The kitchen can get very hot when you’re cooking unless you have an open-plan kitchen that allows air to come in from other rooms. What works best for kitchens is a table fan or even ceiling fans. You can even install a wall-mounted fan. Table fans and wall-mounted fans are the most economical choice if you do not have a big budget. Apart from this, you need to have an exhaust to keep the smoke and odors out of the kitchen.

Living Room:

Ceiling fans are ideal for living rooms. Designer ceiling fans even include mood lighting. If the ceiling fan price is a deterrent, then buy a table fan or pedestal fans. They can really add a vintage feel to your room. The oscillating feature in pedestal fans is really great because it covers a huge area of the room without constantly blowing air on your face.

Dining Room:

If you entertain people frequently at your house, invest in designer ceiling fans. Otherwise a pedestal fan or a wall-mounted fan also works just fine.


Some people like to sleep with a little white noise and any kind of fan will do for that purpose. If your bedroom is big consider installing ceiling fans. If the space is tiny, wall-mounted fans or table fan will do just fine. Ceiling fans are on the expensive side but you can purchase a designer ceiling fan to complement your interiors. A ceiling fan with mood lighting is definitely worth the fan price.


Usually people do not install a fan in the bathroom but it can get pretty hot in there during summers. Having a fan eliminates odors as well. An exhaust fan is a must in bathrooms. A pedestal fan or a ceiling fan is a good idea if your bathroom is really big.


Garages can get pretty hot in the summer but since you will not be spending a lot of time in the garage, a table fan or wall-mounted fan is just fine.

The kind of room that you are looking to install a fan in can help you determine what type of fan you should buy and what your budget should be, selecting a branded fan over a non-branded fan is also a good choice. You will get good reliable fans that will last you longer and a good warranty to top it all off. If you want to get a good discount and cashbacks, then shop for fans online.